"From Difficulty Communicating to Thriving in a Foreign Country"—French Made Easy for Homeschoolers.

Marina Ridge

“My mission is set the French

basics right from the start.”

Marina Ridge The Parisian French Coach, Member of HSLDA.org

Marina Ridge is a Parisian French Coach and the creator of the French Made Easy for Homeschoolers program. Fluent in 4 languages, she is a Francophone (a citizen of a French colonized country).

As a mom who understands firsthand the challenges of homeschooling children, Marina discovered the lack of phonics taught to foreigners in their country of origin or for anybody learning French as a foreign language.

With a background restaurants and hotel management in Paris, France Marina was well equipped to design and implement powerful and unique French courses. Influenced by her knowledge of the French culture, people, regions, food, wine, and many attractions of this beautiful country, her program is relatable to the masses.

"The reason I understand my clients so well, is that I have been in their shoes. I was stressed out from having difficulty speaking English with Americans. Today, my clients come to me so they can speak French with French natives."

Prior to starting French Made Easy for Homeschoolers, Marina was an assistant manager overseeing nearly twenty employees. Working with clients, suppliers, and employees, her biggest obstacle was communicating with fast talking suppliers. One day, her manager showed her a magic button that slows down the speed of voicemails.

The temporary solution was not enough, however, and Marina experienced a wake-up call.

"I didn't want to live in stress and fear of not being able to communicate."

When she saw her husband reading his fifth book of the year, she heard a clear voice in her head that said, "You need to start reading books."

Both intimidated and liberated, Marina started reading while keeping a French/English dictionary by her side. She eventually upgraded to an English only dictionary and was on her way.

"Your child doesn’t have to go through what I went through"

Marina created French Made Easy for Homeschoolers to provide their children with:

  • A short cut so they learn pronunciation now, not later.
  • The confidence needed to learn a new language.
  • The capacity to become global citizens.
  • Develop the love for languages.

Are these the results you want for your child?

The methods of French Made Easy for Homeschoolers are passed down from generations. Marina sees the program's true power each time a French native asks her, "Vous êtes Française? (Are you a French Citizen?). While there are many self-study programs available on the market, most people rarely take the action steps. In French Made Easy for Homeschoolers, Marina ensures accountability.

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